Top 5 lawn care products for spring

Hallelujah, winter is finally over and we’re well on our way to prime growing season!

To help get your lawn looking bang on, check out our top 5 lawn care products you should definitely have in your shed for spring.

Maintain 26-2-9 +Fe – Lawn Fertiliser

LawnPride’s favourite spring fertiliser offers 70% slow release nitrogen to create a denser, deeper green lawn with a healthy growth rate. As one of our all-time top sellers, Maintain also offers extended nourishment without encouraging excessive lawn growth patterns.

With spring just kicking off, now is a good time to feed your lawn with an all-round fertiliser like Maintain. For best results, apply Maintain at a rate of 2kg/100sqm. This means that just one bag of our favourite fert will cover an average 100sqm lawn 10 times!


Spartan / Barricade – Pre-Emergent Weed Control

This time of year brings with it a range of unwanted grass and broadleaf weeds, which is why this dynamite pre-emergent has made it to the top of the list for spring lawn care.

Both Spartan and Barricade offers fantastic weed control and is a great combative approach for lawns prone to weeds such as Crowsfoot Grass, Summer Grass, Wintergrass and other grassy weeds.

As a well-rounded pre-emergent, Spartan and Barricade are also safe to use on most lawn types, including Common Couch, Blue Couch and Buffalo lawns. For maximum results, just apply 10-40mL per 100sqm.


Acelepryn GR – Insecticide

Another marker of the beginning of spring is the increase in lawn grubs and and caterpillars found around the yard. To keep those little critters from eating away at your beautiful lawn, Acelepryn GR is our top-rated insecticide for unrivalled insect control in just a single application. This handy granule formulation works magic on a range of lawn pests including Billbugs, African Black Beetle, Cutworm and Argentinian Scarab.

As a no-spray option for exterminating pests, Acelepryn GR is also a safer and easier product to use than any other on the market, allowing minimal PPE and disruption to surrounding plants.

To get results, apply 1.5kg per 100sqm.


HydraMaxx – Soil Wetting Agent

As the name so clearly suggests, HydraMaxx is all about adding that much-needed hydration back into your soil - particularly in regions where watering restrictions are in place. As our number 1 wetting agent, HydraMaxx delivers exceptional penetration, retention and overall uniformity across your lawn.

To get the most out of HydraMaxx, apply evenly up to 150sqm using the handy hose-on nozzle.


GreenXtra – Fertiliser & Colour Enhancer

After those frosty winter mornings and months of little rain, your lawn might be looking a little dry or dull. Enter our magnificent turf colour enhancer, GreenXtra! This super powerful fertiliser contains stabilised Nitrogen, Iron and Magnesium to give your lawn that luscious green tone for a look as good as new.

To see that gorgeous green, apply evenly across up to 150sq with the hose-on nozzle.

*Be careful with this one, as any contact with concrete and other hard surfaces may leave a stain.


For more info on spring lawn care, get in touch with us via for more personalised advice specific to your lawn.