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Dollar Spot

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Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot is a disease that has been prevalent of late impacting many turf varieties in various locations. Dollar Spot is identifiable by sunken circular tan/light brown coloured spots (less than 5 cm).

What is Dollar Spot?

Dollar Spot is a disease that targets the foliage of your turf brought on by a combination of elements including humidity, cooler temperatures, lack of nutrition and long lasting heavy dews.  Dollar Spot is normally seen in Autumn and Spring as we transition towards Summer, yet Dollar Spot has the potential to effect turf all year round in some locations.

Identifying dollar spot

When inspecting the damaged turf areas caused by Dollar Spot the leaf will present tan coloured lesions containing reddish brown outer edges.

Another way to help identify if Dollar Spot is present is inspecting your lawn in the earlier hours of the morning when the dews are still present. Dollar Spot also produces a web like look in the infected areas known as Mycelium.

Mycelium is a by product of the disease itself and will be evident on the leaf surface and why it is best to inspect early prior to it burning off through the day as temperatures rise.

One final identifier is the hour glass look on the blade.

Dollar Spot Prevention & Treatment

Now we have identified Dollar Spot how can we treat this disease. There are two options culturally and by way of a fungicide.
Maintaining good lawn care practices is always a good start and by this we mean as follows

  1. Use a quality well balanced lawn fertiliser at regular intervals as part of your program.
  2. Reduce thatch. Thatch plays a pivotal role in turf management yet when excessive disease pressures increase. By reducing thatch will also increase air circulation which is important overall for turf health.
  3. Regular mowing frequency.
  4. Limit leaf wetness, alter your watering practices. Deep and consistent watering is more beneficial than short and sharp watering.
  5. Ensure your profile is not dry and or hydrophobic.
  6. If possible remove dew from the turf surface early in the day, this can be achieved by irrigating or simply using a hose or rope being dragged across the surface pushing the water droplets into the canopy.

The above won’t 100% leave you disease free yet will help manage and decrease the disease pressures. The other option available is to implement a preventative fungicide program.

Product for Prevention and Treatment.

Voltar Gt is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 250g/L of the active ingredient Iprodione. It is registered for the control of Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Patch, Spring Dead Spot, White Helminthosporium and Black Helminthosporium diseases in all recreational turf situations.

Voltar GT works on all stages of the disease lifecycle, regardless of where the disease growth is at. The ability to have a broad spectrum fungicide that provides preventative and curative properties is a win for the general home owner who is struggling with disease identification and treatment.

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