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Our favourite organic lawn care products

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As lawn lovers become more conscious of the impacts of their actions, we’ve seen a huge spike in the popularity of organic lawn care products.

So what’s all the fuss about? Check out some of the major benefits of organic products below (as well as a list of our favourite organic lawn care for home use).

Benefits of using organic lawn care products

Whether it’s the environment, your family, your pets or your lawn’s health that you’re worried about, making the switch to alternative lawn care products could be your saviour. 

Why? Let’s dive into the top benefits of natural lawn care products.


1. They’re safer for pets

Pet safe lawn care products are (more often than not) made using natural ingredients. This is because natural ingredients are safer than synthetic ingredients to be in contact with or consumed.

2. They are biodegradable

Organic lawn care products use organic ingredients, which means they’ll completely dissolve without leaving any harmful residues behind.

3. They improve your soil health

Some non-organic lawn care products actually harm the living organisms that live beneath the soil. This has a damaging effect on the health and strength of the grass.

4. Improves the photosynthesis process

Most manure-based products release carbon-dioxide which is a great contributor to the photosynthesis process and helps the plant to thrive.

5. Prevents overfeeding and burning

Overfeeding your lawn with fertilisers that contain a high level of nitrogen and salt can lead to burning your grass.

Natural ingredients will prevent this from happening because they will not overload your lawn with excessive, potentially harmful nutrients.


Choose an organic alternative 

If you’re looking to achieve a healthier lawn that doesn’t negatively impact your family, your pets or the environment around you, make the switch to less aggressive, yet just as effective natural ingredients.

Here are some fantastic alternative organic lawn care products to replace non-organic lawn care products.

The Organic Booster 4-2-2 25kg Fertiliser

The Organic Booster uses aerobically composted poultry manure and is a completely natural manure fertiliser. This fertiliser is an all-purpose, slow-release fertiliser that is 100% natural and will not burn.

OM-3 20L

OM-3 is made using a completely natural, organic concentrate and biological activator that comprises humic acid, amino acid and kelp extract. These natural ingredients work together to overall improve turf health and enhance Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).

Terralift TX10 5-2-8 20kg Fertiliser

Terralift is a multi-source organic fertiliser that consists of stable humus, seaweed extract, vegetable extract and proteins which all actively work together to increase a lawn’s CEC. 


Make the switch to LawnPride Organic Lawn Care Products

LawnPride takes pride in offering some of the best lawn care products on the market. As demand for organic lawn care products continues to increase, LawnPride is dedicated to responding and offering affordable and effective natural alternatives.

If you’re ready to transform your lawn with natural ingredients that benefit you, your family and the environment, shop the latest natural lawn care products from LawnPride today.

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