LawnPride Kelp ER 5L Concentrate


LawnPride Kelp-ER 5L

100% concentrate – Kelp-ER increases resistance to insect pests, frost, and disease. Promotes natural healthy growth, stimulates root development, and assists to release locked up nutrients within the plant. Kelp-ER 5L will cover up to 5000sqm.

Our liquid Kelp went through rigorous testing before being hand selected by our leading Agronomist to ensure it was of the highest quality.

It contains a host of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, natural growth hormones, Cytokins, Betaines and Auxins in natural form.

  • Stimulate Beneficial Soil Microbes
  • Replenish basic elements needed to ensure healthy growth
  • Increase resistance to pest, frosts and disease
  • Stimulate root growth and reduce plant shock
  • Aides nutrient uptake
  • Safe on all plants including Australian Natives

Safe for use on all turf varieties Kelp-ER can be used as a foliar spray or soil drench and not just limited to your lawn, from garden beds to ornamentals Kelp-ER is the perfect plant tonic. This product is safe for use around children and domestic cats and dogs.

*Also available in convenient ready to use 2ltr hose-on.

*Please note all prices now include GST

  • Application

    Application Rate: 100mL/100sqm

    Suitable for both foliar and soil drench application.

    5Ltr Kelp-ER concentrate can cover up to 5000sqm.

    LawnPride Kelp-ER is best applied with a backpack or hand held sprayer. 

    Do not mix with other LawnPride concentrates.

  • Product Information

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