Black Helmo

Common Name

Black Helmo

Seasons of Activity

Generally in warmer temperatures

Areas of Plant Infected


Cultural Methods of Control

Increase drainage, balance N and K, review watering practices.

Scientific Name

Black Helminosporium

Key Distinguishing Feature

Leaves produce a dark brown, black greasy substance(exudate). Helmo is more common following periods of excess rainfall.

The symptoms of Helmo turf diseases vary, depending upon the specific pathogen, grass species, weather conditions, and cultural conditions involved. In general ‘Black Helmo’ produces small dark spots or patches of dead of dying grass (melting out), which do not measure more than about 10 cm in diameter.

Leaf tissues turn yellow around these lesions and in severe cases the infected plant dies.

Key Products for Control:

Voltar 500SC - 45mL/100sqm in 10L of water

Voltar 250SC - 90mL/100sqm in 10L of water