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Dreaming of a flawless lawn?

Our professional-grade solutions are engineered to take your lawn to the next level. Like those used on the world’s leading golf courses, stadiums and pitches, our products target turf problems and boost lawn growth using highly effective horticultural technology.

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We’ve applied years of experience and expertise to developing a complete range of industry-leading lawn products for Australians who love their lawns.
From fertilisers, pest control and weed treatments to expert advice on lawn care and equipment, we’ve got you covered across all things turf.

Hey guys, I placed an order for your Sportflexx fertiliser and I must say I’m very impressed! Easily the best results practically in two days. I’ve used a lot of ferts, but your range of Sportflexx I will be using from now on! My lawn was always green and very healthy but now it has a very deep green look! Cheers.

These guys have the best products and knowledge on the market. They also have some of the best customer service I have had to date! Look forward to keeping the great relationship and custom going for a long time to come! 10 stars!

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We’re also your one-stop shop for lawn care programs and protocols - see our blogs of easy-to-use guides and factsheets to caring for different grass varieties, lawn types and pests.