Fairy Ring

Common Name

Fairy Ring

Seasons of Activity

Fairy ring favours warm weather Spring/Summer.

Areas of Plant Infected


Cultural Methods of Control

Mask symptoms with fertiliser applications.

Scientific Name

Basidiomycete fungi

Key Distinguishing Feature

The centre of the circle is not affected, and rings can be 1m to 60m wide. Fruits, for example mushrooms, can be seen around the perimeter of the circle particularly during moist, rainy conditions.

There are two groups: - Stimulation of turf, green circular areas, turf usually higher than surrounding turfgrass. - Enlarged, bleached and straw-like coloured areas.

Key Products for Control:

Impala - 60mL/100sqm in 5L of water (sprayer only) or 6mL/10sqm in 9L of water (watering can)