Red Thread Disease

Common Name

Red Thread Disease

Seasons of Activity

Grows more aggressively between the temperature range of 4°C and 24°C. Can become more acitve during extended periods of wet or very humid weather.

Areas of Plant Infected


Cultural Methods of Control

Increase Nitrogen levels.

Scientific Name

Laetisaria fuciformis

Key Distinguishing Feature

First symptoms is the tan colour of dead leaves. Pink to pale red or orange fungal growth appear. Circular or irregular shaped patches up to 15cm in diameter become infected with the disease. The appearance is water-soaked and shortly after the turf dies.

Red thread is commonly noticeable when the pale red or orange fungal growth (red threads) are present on the leaf tips. A pink flock of mycelium may be produced. The disease favours temperate conditions and thrives when fertility is lacking and foliage is wet for consecutive days.

Key Products for Control:

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