Common Name


Seasons of Activity

Usually appears in late summer or early autumn and during periods of dry weather or when the grass is low on nitrogen.

Areas of Plant Infected


Cultural Methods of Control

Increase Nitrogen levels.

Scientific Name

Puccinia & Uromyces spp.

Key Distinguishing Feature

Early infection appears as a Light yellow flecking of the leaves. As these flecks enlarge the spores which are orange in colour protrude from the infected foliage resulting in a "rust colour" visual to the naked eye. The orange pustules of spores become somewhat longer than broad and when numerous they are arranged in rows parallel with the veins of the leaves.

Rust is a fungal disease that occurs on your lawn when it’s growth is slowed.Lawn Rust weakens the strength of your lawn and makes it more susceptible to other diseases and turf problems.

Key Products for Control:

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