Lawn insurance policy

As the weather warms and we concentrate on returning our lawns to full health after the winter period, we enter a new challenge that in previous years has had us tearing our hair out. That’s right, we are full steam ahead into lawn pest season. Commonly known as lawn grubs, these pests like a thief in the night can wipe out a lawn in a matter of days. Lawn grubs don’t discriminate, and every lawn is vulnerable regardless of whether you believe your patch is not quite up to scratch to those beautifully manicured LawnPride lawns.

The usual suspects.

Armyworm - Spodoptera mauriti

Fall Armyworm - Spodoptera frugiperda

Curl Grub - Cyclocephala signaticollis


In the past when homeowners have been confronted by these pests, panic would set in and we would race to purchase and apply somewhat toxic short term contact pesticides to gain control, but these days are now behind us. The advantage of a safe residual product that is easy to apply in a granular formation at the start of the season has certainly been a game changer. Acelepryn has become not only the best product for season long control, it has become an insurance policy for your lawn. Don’t run the gauntlet, if you build it, they will come. You are actively creating a buffet for these pests and they will oblige, so by protecting yourself and putting all the right measures in place not only will you have a pest free lawn you will be able to enjoy your prized plot stress free this spring and summer.

Syngenta Acelepryn Liquid - 100mL or 750mL Spray Insecticide

Acelepryn is now available in a cheaper, smaller, and more convenient 100mL bottle that treats the same area as the 10kg bag. For more information regarding the liquid version of the product, you can find it HERE.

Syngenta Acelepryn GR – 4kg or 10kg Granular Insecticide

Outstanding season long grub control just got even better.

The newly released Acelepryn GR 4kg, and the well-known Acelepryn GR 10kg bag, provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control in a single application. The efficiency and longevity of performance means your turf spaces are protected for longer and because it is exempt from poison scheduling, PPE requirements for workers are reduced. This no-spray option means ease of use and minimal disruption to the community.

Acelepryn controls a wide range of insect pests including African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs, and several species of caterpillars including Cutworm, Sod Webworm and Lawn Armyworm. Acelepryn sets a new standard in long lasting, efficient control of turf pests. The granule formulation offers you the same benefits as the liquid you know and trust, such as:

  • Season long control
  • Exemption from poison scheduling
  • High turf safety and low environmental impact

In addition, Acelepryn delivers:

  • A flexible option for tight or difficult to access turf areas such as schools, passive parks and around trees and other obstacles
  • Ease of use with both spray and no-spray application options, no re-entry periods and no PPE requirements
  • Ease of activation with a minimum of 3 mm irrigation
  • Low bird, bee and fish toxicity
  • An insurance policy for your lawn “As Rusty would say”
  • Up to 6-month control
  • 1.5kg per 100sqm / 15mL per 100sqm
  • Worldwide standard in lawn pest control
  • Non harmful unlike toxic contact killers (Bifenthrin)
  • The only product of its kind on the market
  • Pests targeted include, African Black Beetle Larvae, Argentine Stem Weevil, Argentinian Scarab, Beetle Larva, Bill Bug - Larvae, Black Cutworm - Agrotis Ipsilon, Caterpillars, Lawn Armyworm, Sod Webworm

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