Intermediate's Guide to Lawn Care

The transition from beginner in lawn care to intermediate level in lawn care is an exciting prospect and usually seen as a challenge accepted by the homeowner.

At this point you find yourself happy with the current overall health and look of your lawn and feel you are up to the task to explore the next steps required to take your lawn to the next level.

Now, lawn care moves from being a chore to a newfound hobby as you have seen your efforts rewarded by applying yourself to the lawn care basics.

With progress comes challenges and it is at this point you begin to explore the cultural practices used in turf management along with a better understanding of both what soil health means and the products available to support your journey, by understanding these crucial points you are well on your way to becoming someone competent in lawn care.  

One of the most important lessons to be learnt when moving into these ranks is it is always better to be proactive as opposed to reactive when it comes to maintaining your lawn, this comes in many ways including.

  • Overall plant and soil health
  • Pest control
  • Weed control
  • Disease

As you are looking to see vast improvements in your lawn at this stage as you experiment with different methods and products it is easy to forget our soil profile, this is by far the most important part of lawn care and should be our first point of consideration.

The Importance of Soil Nutrient Balance to Structure

Soil Nutrient Analysis using the LawnPride Soil Test

The LawnPride soil test is utilised to determine the level of specific soil nutritional components that are required to be assessed for maintaining lawn.  Indicators required in the soil nutrient analysis for lawn include:

  • pH,
  • TEC (Total Exchange Capacity rather than Cation Exchange Capacity) for more accurate determination of the number of soil exchange sites,
  • organic matter percent (humus),
  • major cations and anions (Ca, Mg, K, Na), Phosphorus and essential minor nutrition determination, and
  • essential minor nutrients and Hydrogen for more accurate calculation of cation base saturation percentages.

A comprehensive, lawn specific soil analysis quantifies the levels of all major cations, phosphorus, essential minor nutrients, and organic matter in the soil. This type of analysis quantifies soil nutrient deficiencies and recommends remedial actions, based upon scientific calculations.

This greatly assists in enhancing the performance and cost efficiency of corrective programs, whilst balancing the soil for optimum fertiliser performance.

After amending and or correcting any nutrient deficiencies a program suitable to your lawn variety is recommended as this will guide you through the seasons with product recommendations and timing of applications to maintain overall health year-round.

Our LawnPride Lawn Care Programs do consider proactive measures with Weed, Pest and Disease all covered with select timing of applications of certain products to ensure you are staying ahead of the curve.

As an intermediate in lawn care it is also at this time you will have conducted significant research through available and reliable sources in terms of lawn renovations. Lawn renovations are extremely beneficial for many reasons, a renovation program can upgrade lawn by bettering lawn appearance, density, disease resistance, wear tolerance, and shade and drought tolerances.

A Guide to Lawn Renovation.

We have a detailed renovation program to assist you in achieving the best results during and post renovation. Be mindful that any renovation procedures are best conducted when your lawn is actively growing.

With the simple lawn care basics, you have mastered as a beginner combined with the extra activities outlined in this article you will further the results of your lawn care journey working your way to towards expert level.

By applying yourself with good cultural methods, professional products applied as per a designated program and patience a superior healthy lawn is only just around the corner.