LawnPride Hydramaxx & Hydramaxx G

LawnPride Hydramaxx & Hydramaxx G 

LawnPride Hydramaxx (liquid) & Hydramaxx G (granular) are professional long term soil moisture retention aids. These products assist to overcome not only water repellent/hydrophobic soil but also improve infiltration as well as moisture retention. These products are called soil wetting agents.

What does this mean? 

  • Are you having troubles maintaining the moisture levels in your lawn?
  • Are you having issues when it rains or when you irrigate the water just tends to bead and run off? 

Hydrophobic soil occurs when a waxy residue builds up on the soil particles resulting in it repelling water rather than absorbing it. It is most common in sandy soils, dried out potting mix and soils containing non decomposed organic matter.

You can identify hydrophobic soil by watering it. If the water beads, runs off and does not absorb into the profile and or potting media, your soil is hydrophobic. 

Hydramaxx is the ultimate solution in improving hydrophobic soils, uniformity and rectifying dehydrated lawns across Australia. Reduce your watering frequency during the growing season by using Hydramaxx. Water will hold in the soil profile for extended periods, penetrate deeper, to assist in improving a deeper turf root structure. 

Hydramaxx is specifically designed to be used in situations of drought and where water restrictions are present as it is shown to reduce overall water use, Hydramaxx is also highly flexible when it comes to tank mixing with other products. 

Soil wetting agents.

Hydramaxx comes in a liquid 2L Hose-on & 5L 100% concentrate and now also in a granular form Hydramaxx G

Hydramaxx G is a granular formulation, for uses that prefer granular applications - This unique product also contains the soil amendment Zeolite that assists to overcome not only water repellent soil but also improves infiltration as well as moisture retention. Zeolite reduces water requirements as zeolite holds moisture in the growth zone. Zeolite will also improve Cation Exchange therefor enhancing the nutrient exchange following the application.

Hydramaxx G will not only correct hydrophobic soils it will also improve moisture retention with the added ease of application through your standard handheld granular spreader.

Hydramaxx G is also safe for use in garden beds and safe for use in and around ornamentals.

  • Hydramaxx and Hydramaxx G are safe for use on all turf varieties and when used regularly, rainfall and irrigation benefit from easier pathways into the profile thus preventing the onset of Dry Patch.
  • Hydramaxx 2L will cover up to 150sqm.
  • Hydramaxx 5L will cover up to 2000sqm.
  • Hydramaxx G 4kg will cover up to 200sqm. 

This product is safe for use around children and domestic cats and dogs. Both products require good irrigation after the application.