Autumn Lawn Care Australia: Maintaining Your Lawn in Autumn

What's the best way to approach autumn lawn care in Australia?

Australian lawns were never going to be safe from the wild weather and extreme heat we experienced this Summer.

But that’s not to say a little TLC won’t bring your lawn back to good health. Here are our top lawn care tips for autumn and preparation tips for the cooler months ahead.

Tip #1 Aerate your lawn

Autumn is the ideal season to aerate your lawn.

After such an intense few months of summer, aerating your garden will release soil compaction and allow oxygen to penetrate the roots.

This also helps to deliver more water and nutrients where it’s needed most, improving overall health in preparation for the cold winter months ahead.

Take a garden fork or a pair of aerating sandal stompers and make your way around the garden. If you have a large patch of grass, it might be best to hire a specialist to get the job done.

Tip #2 Beat the weeds

Summer can bring with it plenty of pesky weeds that thrive in the hot, wet seasons, including those painful bindiis, crowsfoot and white clovers.

Take to the garden fully armed with some good-quality fungicide or herbicide before the weeds overtake your turf.

If you’re not sure what you’ve got or how to tackle it, you can also check out our weed identification and management guides for broadleaf weeds and grass weeds.

Tip #3 Lay Turf Down

Patchy lawns, or lawns overrun by weeds might need stripping back to start over.

Depending on your location, early autumn can be your last chance to lay new turf to ensure you still have enough time to establish roots before winter hits.

If you’ve decided to take this route, simply use a spade and garden fork to turn over the soil and prep the area with nutrient-rich soil and apply Under Turf Starter with water crystals.

Fill in the new patch with turf and water regularly so it can establish itself. Just remember not to overwater or your new turf will drown!

Tip #4 Feed

Nourish your lawn with a maintenance fertiliser that contains slow-release nitrogen like LawnPride Maintain Fertiliser or a good-quality combination Oxafert Herbicide and Fertiliser to control the spread of common weeds.

Tip #5 Water

During autumn, it’s best to water your lawn one to two times a week.

To make sure your lawn is receiving enough irrigation, try the screwdriver test. Push your screwdriver into the grass and wiggle in a circular motion, this will allow you to feel and inspect the profile for moisture levels, if your profile seems dry you might want to water more often until your lawn becomes more irrigated.

And that’s it!

Autumn lawn care in Australia really isn't that tough as long as you know what you need to do.

Ready to get stuck into your autumn lawn care routine? Check out our LawnPride autumn collection here.

For the love of lawn, get out there and treat your garden to some TLC this autumn with only the best products from Lawn Pride.