5 summer lawn care tips

Can you believe that summer is here!

While you might be hanging out for the hotter temperatures and longer days, your lawn definitely is not.

Summer is undoubtedly the toughest season for lawns in Australia and we need to be prepared to give it the TLC it needs to not only survive but thrive in the summer conditions.

Follow our 5 easy summer lawn care tips to keep your beautiful green lawn looking tip top all season long.


Check your equipment

The start of every new season is a good time to check your lawn care equipment. If you check just one thing though, make it your mower blades.

Blunt blades can make a real mess of your lawn and even weaken it to the point of vulnerability to pests. For those neat freaks out there, it’ll also make for a very untidy lawn that you won’t enjoy looking at.

The key point: check your mower now and service if required.


Fertilise early

The last time you fertilised your lawn was probably at the start of spring, and that’s okay.

To help keep your lawn in top shape throughout the summertime, make sure to give a good coating of fertiliser at the very start of summer. This is because temperatures haven’t yet reached their peak; fertilising in really high temperatures runs the risk of burning your lawn.

In the summertime, it’s also a good idea to use a slow release lawn fertiliser like Maintain.


Water at the right times

With the temperature soaring above 30 degrees on an average day, it’s easy for your lawn to get dehydrated in the summer heat. So, for obvious reasons, watering is essential.

Early morning is the best time for watering your lawn during summer to ensure it absorbs and retains as much of the water as possible. It’s also important to water deeply to ensure your lawn’s root system is getting access to the moisture it needs to thrive.

If water restrictions limit your ability to water as regularly as you’d like, try using a soil wetting agent like HydraMaxx / Hydramaxx G to improve water penetration and retention.

Tip: It’s also a good idea to avoid watering your lawn later in the afternoon or at night. This is because the humidity, particularly in warmer states like Queensland, is likely to encourage the growth of fungal diseases.

Fungal diseases can be identified by thinning patches, slimy leaves, discolouration or a powdery texture. If you notice fungal issues in your lawn, we recommend a good broad-spectrum fungicide like Impala or Tombstone Duo, to solve the problem.


Adjust your mowing schedule

With the intensified heat and reduced water retention at this time of year, plant growth generally drops.

To help protect the soil and deeper root system from the sun, we recommend raising your mower height for a longer lawn. It’s also advised that you don’t mow in the middle of the day as this is when you’re most likely to burn the leaf blades.

While some people like to leave grass clippings on the lawn after they mow, we recommend raking them away in the summer. This is because the humidity in the air can become trapped and again cause issues with fungus. It also prevents the healthy flow of air reaching your roots and soil.


Tackle your weeds

Most weeds tend to avoid summer but some of the more stubborn varieties can still thrive in these conditions.

For treatment of weeds like Creeping Oxalis, Cats Ear and Cudweed, a herbicide like Bow & Arrow or BroadForce MA will be perfect for the job.

For other types such as Dandelion, Mallow and Khaki Weed, Contra M will definitely do the trick. However, it’s important to note that Contra M is safe to use on all grass types except Buffalo Turf.

For help identifying your weeds, you can use our Weed Identification Guide.

Lawns tend to be fickle over the summer months; what works for your lawn in Queensland might not work for Joe Blow down in Victoria. The biggest takeaway about caring for your lawn in summer is always “listen” to what it’s telling you and adjust your care routine accordingly.