Cut Worm

Common Name


Seasons of Activity

Moths emerge in late spring and summer. Eggs are laid onto summer and autumn weeds.

Areas of Plant Affected


Scientific Name

Agrostis munda

Key Distinguishing Feature

The mature grubs are plump, smooth caterpillars Generally larvae of all species grow to about 40-50 mm long and are relatively hairless, with a distinctly plump, greasy appearance and dark head. They are usually quite uniform in body colour.

Cutworms are caterpillars of several species of night-flying moths, one of which is the well-known bogong moth. The mature grubs are plump, smooth caterpillars. The caterpillars are called cutworms because they cut down young plants as they feed on stems at or below the soil surface.

They are most damaging when caterpillars transfer from summer and autumn weeds onto newly emerged seedlings.

Key Products for Control:

Acelepryn Liquid - 15mL/100sqm in 6-10Ltrs water, then water into soil.

Acelepryn GR - 1.5Kg/100sqm, then water into soil.

Rumbler - 12-44mL/100sqm