Lawn Grub, Lawn Army Worm

Common Name

Lawn Army Worm

Seasons of Activity


Areas of Plant Affected


Scientific Name

Spodoptera mauritia

Key Distinguishing Feature

Army Worm spend their days in the thatch of turf grass below the leaf and come up at night to feed.

Fully grown larvae grow up to 45mm long and 7mm wide, with an inflated brown/green sausage-like appearance with a body width much greater than that of the head capsule. They possess three pairs of walking legs on the thorax and five pairs of fleshy 'pro-legs' on the abdomen. If disturbed, they curl into a tight spiral.

Key Products for Control:

Acelepryn Liquid - 15mL/100sqm in 6-10Ltrs of water, then water into soil.

Acelepryn GR - 1.5Kg/100sqm, then water into soil.

Rumbler - 12-44mL/100sqm