Bahia Grass

Common Name

Bahia Grass

Scientific Name

Paspalum notatum





Seasons of Growth

Main growth during summer

Key Distinguishing Feature

"During late spring, summer and early autumn it produces vast quantities of upright flowering stems 20-80cm tall. The flowering stems are usually topped with a V-shaped seed-head that consists of two branches, each 3-15cm long (although seed-heads with three ranches are also rarely found). Numerous small flowers (2.5-4mm long) are borne along the seed-head branches"

This mat-forming plant spreads across the ground surface like many other turf grasses. It produces thick, fibrous stems that are held flush with the soil surface.

Leaves and deep fibrous roots are produced at very short intervals along these stems. The soft leaves can be up to 30cm long and 3-12mm wide, but are usually shorter when growing in regularly mown areas.

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