Mexican Clover

Common Name

Mexican clover, White eye

Scientific Name

Richardia brasiliensis




Annual or Perennial

Seasons of Growth

Flowing between Spring and Autumn.

Key Distinguishing Feature

Stems appear sprawling with short, rough hairs (especially along the edges). These leaves appear oval and are pointed at the tip. Flowers are small and white, bunching in groups of 20 or more.

Native to South America, this weed prefers damp shady places. Mexican Clover AKA White Eye is an annual herb with prostrate stems developing a long taproot system. The branching stems grow up to 40 centimetres long and lie prostrate or grow upright.

Key Products for Control:

Contra M Duo - 65mL/100sqm *Not safe for Buffalo lawns

Please contact the LawnPride Support Team to discuss alternative options.

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Disclaimer: Multiple applications may be required to effectively control this weed.

For 6-months weed germination prevention, we recommend Pre-Emergent Herbicides, such as; Spartan, Barricade, or Onset