Mullumbimby Couch

Common Name

Mullumbimby Couch

Scientific Name

Cyperus brevifolius





Seasons of Growth

All year round

Key Distinguishing Feature

Mullumbimby couch produces underground runners and has pale green coloured seed-heads.

A grass-like plant with long underground runners and upright flowering stems up to 40cm tall. Its upright stems are three-angled in cross-section. Its bright green leaves (1-3mm wide) are hairless and sheath the stem at the base.

Its pale green seed-heads (6-7mm long) have three or four green leafy bracts at the base and contain numerous small flower spikelets. Its 'seeds' are yellow to reddish-brown in colour.

Key Products for Control:

Halo-Force - 1.3g/100m2