Turf types included in the Santa Ana - TifTuf Lawn Care Program - Santa Ana - TifTuf

A fine leaf warm season grass that grows exceptionally well in full sun, these varieties typically presents great colour are hard wearing with good drought tolerance. Santa Ana and TifTuf are commonly used in sports turf and typically seen mown at lower heights.

- Watering

Santa Ana and TifTuf may require irrigation 2-3 times a week incorporating one deep water cycle during periods of hot weather and or drought to maintain profile moisture levels in the profile. This will decrease during the cooler months.

- Fertilising & nutrients

Santa Ana and TifTuf respond well to instantly available fertilisers yet is not seen as sustainable year round. Both these varieties are documented and do prefer lower nutritional inputs to manage overall health. CRN Controlled Release Fertilisers or slow release fertilisers are typically seen as more beneficial to overall plant health.

- Mowing and trimming

Santa Ana and TifTuf require to be mown on a regular basis regardless of the height of cut you choose this can vary from every second day to once a week. Mowing heights with these varieties can vary from sub 10mm to 40mm.

- Weeding

Both these varieties have a high tolerance to many herbicides available on the market, weed control is performed on a need to basis.

- Things to look out for over the year

Santa Ana and TifTuf respond well to renovation procedures conducted in growing season when the plant is actively growing, these varieties of turf are known for creating heavy thatch layers that can create issues including poor infiltration, decrease in nutrient uptake and disease. Renovating Green Couch reinvigorates the plant and will benefit from this process. Renovation procedures are recommended yearly in growth season.


Our free 12-month program specifically designed by one of Australia’s best turf agronomists outlines an ideal care program for Green Couch varieties. An easy-to-follow program that outlines specific products and there timing of applications to ensure you maintain a healthy and protected lawn year-round.