Turf types included in the Zoysia Lawn Care Program - Broadleaf Empire, Nara.


Zoysia varieties Empire and Nara produce a slightly broader leaf than couch varieties yet not as broad as Buffalo varieties, a warm season grass that will thrive when given the right elements. These Zoysia varieties are soft under foot and possess a dark green colour.

- Watering

These varieties of Zoysia have a very high drought tolerance when established. Irrigation cycles highly depend on your location. When the Zoysia is showing signs of stress or appears dry, deep watering cycles become more beneficial with these varieties. This will decrease during the cooler months.

- Fertilising & nutrients

Zoysia responds well to instantly available fertilisers yet are not seen as sustainable year round. CRN Controlled Release Fertilisers or slow release fertilisers are typically seen as more beneficial to overall plant health.

- Mowing and trimming

Empire and Nara are documented as low maintenance varieties when it comes to mowing. Regular mowing is still beneficial and will depend on the height of cut you choose. Recommended mowing heights are between 20-70 mm.

- Weeding

These varieties of Zoysia have a good tolerance to many herbicides available on the market, weed control is performed on a need to basis.

- Things to look out for over the year

Empire and Nara respond well to renovation procedures conducted in growing season when the plant is actively growing, this variety of turf is known for creating thatch layers that can create issues including poor infiltration, decrease in nutrient uptake and disease. Renovating these varieties will reinvigorate the plant and will benefit from this process.


Our free 12-month program specifically designed by one of Australia’s best turf agronomists outlines an ideal care program for Green Couch varieties. An easy-to-follow program that outlines specific products and there timing of applications to ensure you maintain a healthy and protected lawn year-round.