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Gypsum Granular Coarse Grade 2-4mm 25kg


Gypsum Course Grade 2-4mm 25kg

A high-performance Gypsum granule suitable for use on high-cut turf. Granular calcium sulphate that corrects soil calcium levels and assists in amending soil pH levels. For soils with pH higher than 6.5

  • Calcium sulphate wont impact soil pH levels
  • Calcium assists in developing strong plant cells
  • Strong cell walls help resist impact of pathogens
  • Corrects calcium deficiencies in the soil
  • Flocculates the soil to improve water and air movement
  • Displaces sodium from cation exchange sites

Gypsum Course Grade applied once a month to address calcium deficiencies and/or manage sodium build-up from high salt irrigation sources.

Gypsum Course Grade is best applied by a fertiliser spreader to ensure even application. This product is safe for use around children and domestic cats and dogs.

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  • Application

    Application Rate: Rate varies from 5-10kg/100sqm depending on the amount of calcium required, soil type & environment. An accurate treatment rate can be determined from the results of a soil analysis.

    25kg bag of Gypsum Course Grade will cover 250-500sqm depending on application rate. 

    Gypsum is best applied by a fertiliser spreader to ensure even application and irrigated thoroughly once applied.

  • Nutrient Analysis
    Calcium (Ca) 21%
  • Product Information

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