Hicure Biostimulant 1L


Hicure 1L

Hicure is a highly concentrated biostimulant for turfgrass. Consisting of amino acids and peptides. Hicure supports natural processes within the plant, as well as enhancing plant performance overall, particularly under stress conditions. Hicure 1L will cover up to 1000sqm.

Hicure Turf Biostimulant is a unique formulation of 18 amino acids. Proven by science, Hicure can help sustain balanced growth, density and colour whatever stress or unforeseen challenge you face.

  • Safe to use on all turf types
  • Excellent tank mix partner with fertilisers
  • It is highly compatible in a wide range of tank mixes
  • It is suitable for inclusion in IPM strategies
  • It is safe to all beneficial micro-organisms
  • Timing: Hicure can be applied throughout the year
    and during any growth stage
  • Liquid formulation

Hicure contains high levels of the amino acid L-Proline which has been demonstrated to regulate antioxidant activities during stress periods. Proline acts as a signaling molecule: modulating mitochondrial functions, influencing cell growth and triggering specific gene expression. The defensive nature of Proline delays senescence in the plant, essential during abiotic stress conditions.
Hicure also contains high levels of the amino acid L-Glycine which is the smallest amino acid, making it an excellent organic chelating source. Glycine is an ideal tank mix partner for micro-nutrient applications as it binds around the nutrient molecule, ensuring fast movement into the leaf.

Applications of Hicure in a program can enhance plant growth and quality, being especially beneficial during periods of abiotic stress and assisting plant recovery. For optimum plant quality, Hicure should be used in conjunction with practices that promote good plant health. The best results will be obtained when applied at regular intervals, starting prior to periods of plant stress.

Analysis (w/v):  Amino Acids – Free 12.7% Total 79.4% Carbon 37.3% Nitrogen – as Ammonium 1.1% as Organic 12.7% Total 13.8% Sulphate 0.9% 

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  • Application

    Application Rate: 100 - 200mL/100sqm

    Suitable for both foliar and soil drench application.

    1L Hicure can cover up to 1000sqm.

    Hicure is best applied with a backpack or handheld sprayer to ensure even application. Sprayer calibration is recommended.

  • Nutrient Analysis
    Amino Acids Total 79.4%
    Amino Acids Free 12.7%
    Carbon 37.3%
    Nitrogen as Ammonium1.1%
    Nitrogen as Organic12.7%
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