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LawnPride Acelepryn Pack

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LawnPride Acelepryn Pack

Acelepryn GR backed up by the full LawnPride 2L liquid range. Stop lawn chewing pests in their tracks for up to 6 months with Acelepryn GR whilst also grabbing the LawnPride liquid range – versatile products that can be applied in conjunction with a balanced nutrition program throughout the year. 

Pack includes: 1 x Acelepryn GR 10kg, 1 x Greenxtra 2L, 1 x Hydramaxx 2L, 1 x Rootmaxx 2L, Tracemaxx 2L, Kelp-ER 2L


Acelepryn GR 10KgInsure your lawn! Protect your investment for up to 6 months. Acelepryn granular insecticide provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control in a single application. A 10kg bag of Acelepryn GR can treat up to 660sqm.


LawnPride Greenxtra 2L - A professional liquid fertiliser that provides Xtra turf green up without excessive growth year-round. Enhance the overall health and colour of your lawn with this easy-to-use hose-on bottle. Treats up to 200sqm.


LawnPride Hydramaxx 2L - A professional long term soil moisture retention aid. Assists to overcome not only water repellent soil but also improves infiltration as well as moisture retention. In an easy-to-use hose-on bottle. Treats up to 150sqm.


LawnPride Rootmaxx 2LA professional liquid fertiliser with a combination of natural plant hormones, root stimulants, balanced NPK and organic matter that aides and promotes root development in turf and ornamentals. In an easy-to-use hose-on bottle. Treats up to 200sqm.


LawnPride Tracemaxx 2LA professional liquid trace element package that delivers 7 essential nutrients that your turf requires to reach its full potential. In an easy-to-use hose-on bottle. Treats up to 200sqm.


LawnPride Kelp-ER 2LKelp-ER increases resistance to insect pests, frost, and disease. Promotes natural healthy growth, stimulates root development, and assists to release locked up nutrients within the plant. In an easy-to-use hose-on bottle. Treats up to 200sqm. 


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