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LawnPride Colourmaxx 125mL


LawnPride Colourmaxx 125mL

Colourmaxx is a turf pigment, turf pigments have played a significant role in sports turf for many years and now our new improved formular is available for homeowners to enjoy and receive the benefits of what this product can deliver.

Turf pigments can be used year-round yet the popularity of them at this time off year highlight the benefits.

  • Colourmaxx’s unique formular allows the product to improve overall turf colour, masking the effects of Winter dormancy and frost damage providing a more natural deep green colour.
  • Colourmaxx can also be used as a spray indicator.
  • Colourmaxx is a pigment not a paint therefor there is no impact on plant health.
  • Colourmaxx can also protect the plant during the summer months from harmful UV rays yet allowing the plant to still capture the desired amount of light waves to photosynthesis.
  • Colourmaxx has shown during testing to improve overall warmth within the plant and profile.
  • Colourmaxx can be used all varieties of turf in many different climates and locations.
  • Colourmaxx provides long lasting colour due to its capability to withstand fading.
  • Cost effective for desired Winter colour as opposed to oversowing.

CAUTION - This product will stain concrete, masonry, and other hard surfaces. Apply product with caution around these surfaces. Avoid overspray on any other objects where colour is not desired. Permanent staining may occur. Accidental overspray may be removed by a water rinse prior to drying.

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  • Application

    Application Rate: 24mL/100sqm

    Not required to be watered in after application.

    125mL Colourmaxx concentrate can cover up to 500sqm. 

    LawnPride Colourmaxx is best applied with a backpack or hand held sprayer. Dilute with water before mixing with other LawnPride products.

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