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LawnPride Recede 125mL


LawnPride Recede 125mL

A unique formulation to improve water infiltration and penetration in all soil types. Particularly effective on loams and clays. Recede readies the soil for much deeper and faster influx of water. The increased penetration of water results in reduced run-off, evaporation, and standing water in previously wet areas. 125mL of Recede can treat up to 1250sqm. 

The ionic nature of soils, particularly clays, and the polarized molecular structure of water results in very strongly bonded (hygroscopic) water in the soil matrix. It is the strength of this soil water adhesion which leads to soil compaction, resulting in poor water infiltration, low overall water-holding capacity, reduced soil aeration, and high soil shear strength. 

Recede allows for the breakdown of this adhesion in soil structure and produces a more open, better-aerated soil profile. The treated soil is more oxygenated and results in deeper and more uniform root growth. Resistance to heat and foot traffic stress is also enhanced. 

  • Improves water infiltration and penetration in all soil types, but particularly effective on loams and clays.
  • Enhances soil aeration.
  • Ideal for use in the winter months to keep the rootzone from becoming over saturated.
  • Eliminates wet/dry spots.
  • Highly tank mix flexible.
  • Low use rates, allowing for economical treatment over larger areas.
  • Formulated specifically for turf management situations.
  • Manufactured and developed in Australia.

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  • Application

    Application Rate: 10mL/100sqm

    Water in thoroughly after application.

    125mL of Recede can treat up to 1250sqm.

    LawnPride Recede is best applied with a backpack or hand held sprayer. Dilute with water before mixing with other LawnPride products.

  • Active Ingredients
    Alkyl Sulphate (ALS)
    Inert Ingredients
  • Product Information

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