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Monarch G 2.5Kg


Monarch G 2.5Kg

Fast acting, non-repellent, long-term residual activity against various insect pests and control of ants in turf, external surrounds of buildings and structures. Monarch G provides outstanding results against turf grass pests.

Monarch G Insecticide is non-repellent, so it can’t be smelt, tasted or felt by pests. Therefore, the pest doesn’t know it’s there, and cannot react to or avoid it - especially important for funnel ants, nuisance ants, nesting ants and mole crickets.

Monarch G Insecticide is a systemic insecticide (upwardly mobile) which is highly effective by delivering outstanding control of Argentine Stem Weevil, Funnel Ants, Nuisance Ants, Nesting Ants and Mole Crickets.

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  • Application

    Application Rate: 0.6-1.5kg/100sqm

    Water in thoroughly after application.

    2.5kg Monarch G can cover up to 160-410sqm.

    Monarch G is best applied by a fertiliser spreader to ensure even application and irrigated thoroughly once applied.

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