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Tribeca 250mL

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Tribeca 250mL

Tribeca attacks and controls turf diseases at multiple stages of their development, thanks to dual active constituents, dual mode of action capabilities of Tribeca. Regardless of the disease stage (early, developing, or full-blown infestations) Tribeca stops turf diseases in their tracks, period. 250mL of Tribeca can treat up to 416sqm. 

Tribeca is Protective & Curative, Contact and Systemic, Killing Disease & Giving plant protection inside and outside for Broad spectrum control of 8 major turf diseases such as;

  • Anthracnose
  • Brown Patch [leaf, crown & root]
  • Dollar Spot
  • Fusarium
  • Helminthosporium Disease
  • Couchgrass Decline
  • Spring Dead Spot
  • Take-All Patch


  • Triggers fungal spores to quickly absorb water until they explode.
  • Protective & Curative contact and systemic fungicide (dual active constituents) – giving inside and outside plant protection.
  • Is highly rain-fast for leaf diseases and quickly gets to work.
  • Fungal activity ceases quickly when applied as a curative application.
  • Covering the outside like a glove (Fludioxonil). Systemic movement inside (Triticonazole).
  • Controls germinating fungal spores - leaf & thatch / soil (Fludioxonil).
  • Controls fungal diseases developing & already established – leaf & thatch / soil (Triticonazole).
  • The only dual active constituent fungicide that contains the highly regarded active constituents Fludioxonil & Triticonazole.
  • Broad spectrum control of over 8 major turf diseases.
  • Allows for excellent flexibility for diseases attacking leaves, crowns and roots.
  • Low poison schedule (Schedule 5 – CAUTION).
  • Fludioxonil is an extremely effective contact fungicide, providing an aggressive defence to protect the leaf and stop the disease spreading.
  • Triticonazole gives significant new growth protection through systemic movement (xylem systemic) when absorbed in leaves, crowns and through roots which can be redistributed through dispersion to all tissues.

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  • Application

    Application Rate: 60mL/100sqm

    Refer to product label for after application procedure.

    250mL Tribeca can cover up to 416sqm.

    Tribeca is best applied with a backpack or handheld sprayer to ensure even application. Sprayer calibration is recommended.

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