Common Name


Seasons of Activity


Areas of Plant Infected

Roots and soil profile.

Cultural Methods of Control

Increase drainage and aeration.

Scientific Name

Nostoc, Oscillatoria, Chlamydomonas and Anabaena spp.

Key Distinguishing Feature

Green algal spores forming a layer or crust on the soil surface.

Algae is a non-infective disease; however it is unaesthetic and has the ability to limit turfgrass development and water infiltration. Algal growth is often found in damp shaded areas and or where drainage is limited/poor. Soil compaction can also exacerbate the issue.

Key Products for Control:

The following products must be used within a care plan. Please contact the LawnPride Support Team to discuss treatment methods and for additional information.

Recede - 10mL/100sqm

Chlortan - 240mL/100sqm

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*Disclaimer - Always refer to the label before applying any products to your lawn*