Brown Patch

Common Name

Brown Patch

Seasons of Activity


Areas of Plant Infected

Foliage and Roots.

Cultural Methods of Control

Reduce plant stress, increase height of cut.

Scientific Name

Rhizochtonia solani

Key Distinguishing Feature

In periods of high humidity, a dark-brown, slightly grey ring can appear on the outer edge of the patch.

Brown Patch first appears as a circular patch which can range in size from a few centimetres up to a metre in diameter. At first, affected leaves become water-soaked and dark, they have a purplish green appearance as the disease takes hold.

The leaves quickly die and turn dark brown.

Key Products for Control:

Chlortan - 200mL/100sqm in 20L *Water thoroughly after application with 6-10mm of rainfall equivalent watering

Voltar 500SC - 60mL/100sqm in 10L of water

Voltar 250SC - 120mL/100sqm in 10L of water

Impala - 60mL/100sqm in 5L of water (sprayer only) or 6mL/10sqm in 9L of water (watering can)

Tribeca - 60mL/100sqm in 5L of water