Are lawn care products really worth it?

At LawnPride we get this question a lot...

“Are professional lawn care products really worth it as opposed to what you can get in a hardware?"

The answer to this is always a hard yes.

Professional grade Lawn care products are worth it to different people for different reasons. For some, they’re worth it for getting that lush green look. For others, they’re worth it to stop weeds or insects from tearing the lawn to shreds.

Whatever your lawn goals, there are professional lawn care products to match that will make any task easier and more effective than just flying solo.

Let’s jump into some examples, with five key benefits of professional lawn care you’ll definitely want in your toolbelt before tackling lawn maintenance.

1. Provides a healthy green appearance

One of the key benefits of professional lawn care products is that they help to achieve a healthy, lush green lawn appearance.

Iron is the champion ingredient in the pursuit of a thriving green lawn.

This is because iron (known as Fe) as you may see attached to some labels, is a vital factor in the creation of chlorophyll which happens to be the green cell within the plant.

Iron can assist your turf in resisting disease by hardening the plant as well as enhancing the plant’s natural green appearance.

If you’re ready to get a kickass lawn you can show off to your neighbours, a bottle of LawnPride Colourmaxx is your best bet this time of year as the effects of dormancy appear.

Colourmaxx is a specifically designed turf pigment for enhancing colour and overall aesthetic appearance in all turf grass varieties.

Learn more about the pros of iron-based lawn care products in our guide on everything you need to know about iron.

2. Maintaining hydration in dry climates

Soil wetting agents are your hail Mary when it comes to maintaining soil hydration during dry months.

A soil wetting agent such as LawnPride’s Hydramaxx Concentrate 5L is specifically designed to provide excellent penetration, outstanding retention and improved uniformity.

If you live in a dry climate or where watering is restricted, this product is your go-to for maintaining hydration.

Try a soil wetting agent for yourself and see the miraculous difference in your lawn’s health.

3. Keeps weeds, turf diseases and insects away

Most specialised lawn care products are designed to rid your lawn of common pests like weeds, turf diseases and insects.

Whether it’s that pesky Winter Grass that thrives in the cooler seasons, the management of Dollar Spot or an infestation of lawn grubs in summer, professional-grade lawn care products are your go-to!

LawnPride have a range of effective herbicides for the control of weeds, fungicides for those stubborn turf diseases and insecticides for you guessed it - keeping those pesky critters at bay!

If you need advice on the best lawn care products for your lawn, the professionals at LawnPride are just a call away.

4. Establishing a healthier overall lawn

A healthier overall lawn starts with a reliable fertiliser.

A great lawn fertiliser like LawnPride’s Groturf 8kg instantly provides grassroots with a balanced diet which gives it the ability to repair itself quickly and shield itself from extreme weather conditions.

A lawn fertiliser also assists with healthier soil and an overall healthier lawn appearance.

5. Improves property value

Not only do lawn care products have the ability to benefit your lawn in four ways, but they can also add tremendous value to your property.

It is a well-known fact in the real estate industry that well-maintained lawns can attract a significantly higher number of potential homebuyers.

So, if you are planning on putting your home on the market anytime soon, take the tip and get your lawn into shape!

See the benefits of professional lawn care for yourself today

A healthier lawn starts with you, and the right lawn care products, of course.

If you’re ready to make the world of difference with lawn care products that are absolutely worth it, talk to the experts at LawnPride today and see the benefits of professional lawn care for yourself!