Every Summer for as long as we can remember this plant has inflicted pain on Aussies.

Don’t let OW get it the road of WOW this growing season.

Bindii battlefield.

There is nothing worse than walking across a lawn barefoot only to be stopped in your tracks with multiple sudden sharp pains coming from your foot. Upon investigating the cause you find your foot is full of tiny prickles produced by the infamous Bindii plant! We have all been there and here lies the evil side Bindii if not controlled.

It is typical for broadleaf weeds to germinate at this time of the year with Bindii being the one to give us the most grief moving forward into Spring and Summer. It doesn’t matter whether you know it as Jo-Jo weed or Prickle weed or Bindii, now is the time to identify and start our control methods.

What is Bindii.

Bindii is a low growing annual Winter weed that can start to germinate as early as Autumn. The plant begins to germinate from seeds that were produced from plants in the previous season that have been sitting dormant in the soil. Juvenile Bindii plants can be identified by a low forming rosette, appearing to look more carrot-like in appearance. As the plant begins to mature the stems of the plant begin to spread laterally producing small yellow flowers, that in turn form seed heads that house these small spiky seeds. It is at this stage if not controlled the seeds are able to be easily trafficked by mowing, pets, and general foot traffic.

The Bindii plant quickly transitions from a soft light green juvenile to maturity. As the new growing season arrives and the temperatures rise the plant begins to die out leaving the dreaded hard spiny prickles in its place that tend to drop early to mid-Summer. The period from when the plants emerge in Autumn and then through Winter is the best time to control Bindii as this prevents the plant from maturing and producing seeds.

Methods of control.

Hand weed.

The Bindii plant is shallow rooted meaning for those that are fastidious with their lawns, once spotted, small infestations can be easily removed. However this becomes increasingly harder when the plant is able to mature and grow in numbers.

Chemical control.

Post emergent broadleaf herbicides are available and registered for Bindii control. When using herbicide, it is best to apply to the whole area. The earlier the application the easier Bindii is to control. At LawnPride we currently stock Bow & Arrow and Contra M herbicides both of which are registered for Bindii control. (Contra M is not recommended for use on Buffalo varieties.)

Pre-emergent control.

Pre-emergents are specifically formulated herbicides designed to target and prevent weed seedling emergence when applied at the correct time of year. The barrier these products produce when applied will restrict and reduce the amount of Bindii plants plus other weeds from emerging.

At LawnPride we currently stock a range of pre-emergent to suit warm season grass varieties.

An Aussie icon.

Bindii are as Australian as meat pies and Holden cars, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up and or live with them. Remember a nice lawn is a healthy and weed free lawn where the memories are created, so don’t let Bindii inflict any pain this Summer and tackle Bindii head on.