It is at this time of year that we as Lawn Lovers are put to the test. Why? We have been spoilt throughout the growing season with most places around the country receiving all the right elements to achieve a picturesque healthy lawn.

Colour through the cooler months.

Rolling forward into the cooler months we see a significant decrease in soil temperatures and overall direct sunlight. This combined with turf dormancy and the potential of frosts the overall colour of your lawn can be compromised very quickly. If you have suffered these effects in the past never fear. At LawnPride we have a solution to help you maintain that deep green colour you desire and mask the effects of the winter months - Colourmaxx.

(Left - no application -- Right - minutes after Colourmaxx application)

Colour to the next level.

Colourmaxx is a turf pigment. Turf pigments have played a significant role in professional sports turf for many years for a number of reasons, and now our new improved formula is available for homeowners to enjoy and receive the benefits from what this product can deliver.

More than just a colour boost.

Turf pigments can be used year round, however the popularity of them at this time of year highlight their benefits.


  • Colourmaxx’s unique formula allows the product to improve overall turf colour, masking the effects of winter dormancy and frost damage providing a more natural deep green colour.
  • Colourmaxx can also be used as a spray indicator.
  • Colourmaxx is a pigmant, not a paint, and therefore does not impact on plant health.
  • Colourmaxx can also protect the turfgrass during the summer months from harmful UV rays, yet allowing the plant to still capture the desired amount of light waves to photosynthesize.
  • Colourmaxx has shown during testing to improve overall warmth within the plant and profile.
  • Colourmaxx can be used on all varieties of turf in many different climates and locations.
  • Colourmaxx provides long lasting colour due to its capability to withstand fading.
  • Cost effective for desired winter colour as oppose to oversowing with ryegrass.

Heads up.

Like any product on the market there are some points to consider prior to purchasing Colourmaxx and these include.
  • Colourmaxx requires accurate application, evenly and precisely to get uniformity of colour.
  • Colourmaxx is a pigment and has the ability to stain hard surfaces when undue care is taken during the application.
  • Application will need to be repeated as effects wear off over time.
  • Colourmaxx contains no nutritional value.
  • Thorough clean up of spray equipment is required after use.

Colour up, colour on.

As you can see the positives of Colourmaxx far out ways the negatives when all care is taken during application. If you are looking for a longer lasting deep green colour this winter be sure to add Colourmaxx to your winter schedule. Head over to the LawnPride store and maxx out your colour with Colourmaxx.