Common Name

Kikuyu, kikuyu grass

Scientific Name

Pennisetum clandestinum





Seasons of Growth

Spring to Autumn

Key Distinguishing Feature

The leaf blades are quite flat of medium width, and have a pointed tip. Rapid lush green growth, drought hardiness, resistance to wear, and ability to survive gardener neglect. Observe the long fleshy runners that spread across the top of the ground. The leaf blades themselves range in width from 4 to 7 mm.

Often known as a soil indicator, Kikuyu usually is an indication of very low calcium and phosphorus, high potassium, very high magnesium and iron, low humus in soil or soil profiles that are compacted or contain low soil bacteria.

Kikuyu is a perennial mat-forming grass with short coarse leaves and horizontal creeping stems with many joints. Although it generally grows less than 30cm in height, it can occasionally reach up to 90cm tall. The seed heads usually remain hidden inside the sheaths of the leaves, however, seed heads may emerge amongst the upper leaves.

Kikuyu spreads mostly through creeping above ground and below ground stems, sometimes reproducing by seed. Some homeowners call Kikuyu their pride and joy, where others may consider it an invasive weed.

Key Products for Control:

Tribute – 20mL/100sqm (Suppression Only) *Not safe for QLD Blue Couch and Kikuyu lawns.

Poachek – 15mL/100sqm *Not safe for Kikuyu, or Fescue lawns

Disclaimer: Multiple applications my be required to effectively control this grass.