Common Name

ERI, Ectotrophic Root Infecting Fungi

Seasons of Activity

Commonly seen in spring through to early autumn when the weather is hot and humid.

Areas of Plant Infected


Cultural Methods of Control

Balanced nutrition, increase height of cut, reduce thatch levels, improve drainage.

Scientific Name

Gaeumannomyces graminis var. graminis

Key Distinguishing Feature

Dark brown roots and dieback. Dark runner hyphae may also be present on the roots and stolons and lobed hyphopodia may be seen in the roots and stolons. Irregular chlorotic or straw coloured patches up to 1 metre in diameter.

The disease can be exacerbated by unfavourable growing conditions like low light and poor drainage. Infected turfgrass sees the lower/older leaves become chlorotic and die.

Key Products for Control:

Impala - 60mL/100sqm in 5L of water (sprayer only) or 6mL/10sqm in 9L of water (watering can)

Tribeca - 60mL/100sqm in 5L of water

Tombstone Duo - 20mL/100sqm in 4-16L of water