Take All Patch

Common Name

Take All Patch

Seasons of Activity

Severe during cool, wet years and in poorly drained turf.

Areas of Plant Infected


Cultural Methods of Control

Balanced nutrition, increase height of cut, reduce thatch levels, improve drainage.

Scientific Name

Gaeumannomyces graminis var

Key Distinguishing Feature

Small, light brown dead patches appear on turf. Stressed grass appears bronze to reddish brown and then fades to a dull brown. During winter affected patches turn grey. Patches may enlarge (up to 15cm a year) to reach diameter of 1m or more or may appear briefly and then cease to spread.

Take-all patch is a disease of cool season turf particularly bentgrass. Initial patches often resemble Fusarium patch; however, they continue to develop after Fusarium has ceased in late spring. These patches appear slightly reddish-brown in colour to begin and then the turf will die away, to be replaced by broadleaf weeds.

Key Products for Control:

Impala - 60mL/100sqm in 5L of water (sprayer only) or 6mL/10sqm in 9L of water (watering can)

Tribeca - 60mL/100sqm in 5L of water