How to choose the right turf for your home

Are you building a new home or considering laying turf and wondering what variety of grass you should choose? Here are some hints and tips to help with your decision on the best variety for your home. 

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When the time comes to think about the installation of a new lawn, there are important factors to consider before selecting a variety to suit your needs. Although choosing a variety is of personal choice, it is critical to choose the right variety for the area in question. When selecting your variety, it pays to be mindful of your location and climate, soil type, sunlight (or lack of), foot traffic, the availability of water and ongoing lawn maintenance, as well as budget.

What is your lawns purpose?

All home owners across Australia have different thoughts of how they want their lawn to be used. Your lawn may be for the kids and pets to run freely around and enjoy the odd game of football. On the other end of the scale, it might be a showpiece that you fanatically maintain. Regardless, there is certainly a variety out there to suit your lawns purpose.

How does climate effect my decision?

Every turf variety on the market contains a climatic performance indicator. This indicator will advise you on the variety’s strengths and weaknesses. The critical factors to consider here are sun versus shade. Each variety will differ, the amount of full sun will be critical when selecting what is right for you. For instance, Kenda Kikuyu will grow well in most parts of Australia in full sun or very light shade.

Why is soil health so important?

It always pays to know what soil you must deal with from the start. Checking your soil type and health will enable your lawn to have the best start. By purchasing a LawnPride soil test, this will give you a guide as to your soil’s health. Turf grass varieties prefer well-drained soil with a pH level of 5.5–6.5. A soil profile that consists of too much sand or clay may present a pH outside this neutral range. Contact LawnPride for advice on how to amend your profile prior to installation.

Should I choose instant lawn or seed?

This is where budget can play a role in your decision. If you have a rather large area and or the price of an instant lawn is out of reach, seed can be a viable option. Ensure you select the right variety of seed, applying all the factors mentioned. Whilst turf is typically more expensive per square metre, you’ll receive instant results rather than waiting.

Popular lawn varieties:

It easy to get confused when selecting your forever lawn. Below are a few of the more common varieties on the market to choose from.

Kenda Kikuyu

Kenda Kikuyu handles all kinds of wear and tear - whether it’s from large dogs, active kids or regular backyard parties.

Suitable weather conditions.

Kenda Kikuyu is highly drought-tolerant once established. Like all plants, it needs water. Requirements will vary depending on the environmental factors. Be aware of a drying climate and water your lawn accordingly. Kenda Kikuyu is an ideal choice for areas of low rainfall or where council water restrictions are in place. Kenda Kikuyu performs well in full sun or lightly shaded areas. Suitable states include NSW, Southern QLD, VIC, ACT, WA and SA.

Soil profile

Kenda Kikuyu is very versatile and grows well in most soil types.

Nara Native Zoysia

Nara Native Zoysia is a true allrounder that performs under tough conditions without sacrificing on looks and feel. Native to Australia, Nara is naturally equipped to handle hot, dry climates, humid conditions and even the cold of the southern climate. Nara is eye-catching deep green in colour and soft underfoot or to touch.

Suitable weather conditions.

Nara grows well in most parts of Australia and is ideal for coastal areas including beachfront and waterfront properties. Nara is extremely drought tolerant and performs in the heat and humidity.

Soil profile

Nara is very versatile and grows well in most soil types.

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo needs less watering and mowing than most turf varieties, delivering a great looking lawn with minimal fuss. Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is dark emerald green in appearance, providing excellent winter colour. Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo recovers well from damage and is soft underfoot and or to touch.

Suitable weather conditions?

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo grows well in most parts of Australia. Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo performs well at both ends of the scale, with excellent cold hardiness including frost to heat and humidity. Suitable Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo states include NSW, Southern QLD, VIC, ACT, WA and SA.

Soil profile

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is very versatile and grows well in most soil types

Oz Tuff - Green Couch Varient

Oz Tuff is a high quality turfgrass ideally suited for domestic lawns, commercial areas, parks and both community and elite sporting fields. This Australian green couch is dark green in colour, possesses a finer leaf than most other turf varieties with strong root development at depth and minimal seed head. Oz Tuff is excellent for high wear areas and recovers faster following periods of drought stress.

Suitable weather conditions?

Oz Tuff is mainly suited to the eastern side of Australia. Oz Tuff is highly drought tolerant with low nutritional requirements. It is also a good performer in saline and coastal locations and areas of environmental pressures. Preferring full sun, Oz Tuff will tolerate up to 10% shade. Suitable states include QLD, VIC, ACT, NSW.

Soil profile

Oz Tuff is very versatile and grows well in most soil types.


When you have finished laying your turf and you're marvelling at the great job you've done, you're going to want to think about maintenance and protecting your investment.

We've put together 12-month guides to assist you in what products you should be using and when, simply head to our Lawn Care Guides here