Brown Patch

Scientific Name: Rhizochtonia solani

General Description: Brown Patch first appears as a circular patch which can range in size from a few centimetres up to a metre in diameter.At first, affected leaves become water-soaked and dark, they have a purplish green appearance as the disease takes hold.

The leaves quickly die and turn dark brown.


Seasons of Growth: Spring/Summer 


Key Distinguishing Feature: In periods of high humidity, a dark-brown, slightly grey ring can appear on the outer edge of the patch..


Key Products for Control: Voltar - 90-180mL/100sqm

Black Helmo

Scientific Name:  Helminthosporium Complex

General Description: The symptoms of Helmo turf diseases vary, depending upon the specific pathogen, grass species, weather conditions, and cultural conditions involved. In general ‘Black Helmo’ produces small dark spots or patches of dead of dying grass (melting out), which do not measure more than about 10 cm in diameter. Leaf tissues turn yellow around these lesions and in severe cases the infected plant dies.


Seasons of Growth: Generally in warmer teperatures


Key Distinguishing Feature: Leaves produce a dark brown, black greasy substance(exudate). Helmo is more common following periods of excess rainfall.


Key Products for Control: Voltar - 90-180mL/100sqm

Dollar Spot

Scientific Name: Sclerotinia homoeocarpa

General Description: Dollar Spot appears as small circular dots slightly larger than a dollar coin. They can rapid spread to form large patches of diseased turf which can kill the host grass


Seasons of Growth: Spring/Summer/Autumn 


Key Distinguishing Feature: Leaves form an hourglass shape in mid stem..


Key Products for Control: Bumper - 24mL/100m2 

Posterity - 5-10mL/100m2